Grey’s Anatomy – Season 8 Episode 11

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 8 Episode 11 (This Magic Moment)

This Magic Moment, the title of episode 11 of Grey’s Anatomy season 8, is another good choice for this drama filled episode where the doctors are occupied in the preparation for the separation of conjoined twins. The surgery was so intense with one baby’s kidney suddenly failing so the doctors had to do an emergency kidney transplant taking a kidney from the other baby to save her twin. Everything went well after that, at least for the twins. The drama between the doctors continued, with Alex getting pissed at Richard because he thinks that Richard stole his role during the operation. Carrie on the other hand is equally pissed at Arizona for being over controlling during the entire procedure.

In other scenes, Bailey seems to be happy being back with Ben, but she feels so pressured in making commitments. So, Bailey asked Meredith to be a buffer between them because Ben is pressuring her to move in with him.

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Meanwhile, Teddy was grieving the lost of her husband, which is only understandable. But she kept on bothering Cristina paging her over and over again so that Cristina can tell her what exactly happened to Henry in surgery. She had practically interrogated Cristina much to April’s annoyance. In the end, Teddy realized Cristina had done everything she could have done and Teddy tearfully accepted that.

Having a baby simply makes everyone crazy as Meredith and Derek went ga-ga over Zola and desperately tries to videotape her first steps.

The magic moment could be the successful operation of the twins; it couldn’t be Teddy’s grief over her lost or the intense pressure that Bailey is receiving from Ben or April’ annoyance over Teddy. The light part of the episode, which is always present in all Grey’s Anatomy’s episodes, is having Zola on the screen, smiling and waddling.  Check out this great tv show and others all on justintv.



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